Grateful Companion Pet Care

Andre Cardoso

Andre has been an animal lover for his entire life. For the past 10 years, he's been working in management and sales, but his passion for animals led him to leave corporate America, co-found Grateful Companion Pet Care LLC. Now he can finally do what he loves — take care of pets. Andre has been pet sitting for over several years now and is certified in pet first aid. He volunteers with various rescue groups in the Hollywood FL area and also foster dogs in his own home until they get adopted. In his free time, Andre also teaches an Afro-Brazilian martial art called capoeira and likes to lay on the couch with his dogs Woody and Margarita.

Joan Fernandez

Since she was a little girl, Joan has always had a soft spot for animals. In high school, she wanted to become a vet.  Although she ended up in a career in environmental engineering, her true passion for animals never left and she adopted her first puppy Woody in 2008. Soon following, she started to volunteer with rescue groups by fostering and attending adoption events. She fell in love with her 10th foster dog, Margarita, and officially adopted her, adding to the Fernandez dog family. Joan has over several years of experience in the pet sitting industry and can't wait to take care of your pets.

Aldenice Cardoso
Administrative Assistant

Aldenice (Nice) joined our team in 2018 with years of experience with pets from, being a pet owner herself to volunteering in several rescues groups, in Brazil her hometown, Nice lived in the US all her life, in order to pursue her currier in Languages she moved out broad. Once graduating she felt that here is where she belongs. Nice is a full time language translator part time pet sitter on the weekend. Aldenice loves to be around animals and this loves brought her to work with us here at GCPC. We hope that you are as happy with Nice as we are.

Tina Gonzales
Pet Sitter

My name is Tina Gonzales and my passion is animals. I have had the pleasure of having many dogs and cats throughout my life and currently have three fur babies – all different in size and personality. Chance, the Staffordshire mix, Lola the Labrador Retriever and Butterscotch the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I live in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood and volunteer and support a local rescue. You will find that I am kind, compassionate, dependable and conscientious, and take my job very seriously. I love the following says so much about the relationship you can have with an animal:  

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Cuddle Sassy
Pet Sitter

Cuddle Sassy is the most import part of our GCPC family. Coming after Margarita and Woody passing she was able to comfort Joan and Andre with their lost. She loves to play with her little friends who come for a day or a few days, sharing her doggie beds and toys, and welcoming them to have some of her treats and enjoy her amazing yard.

Woody -In Memory-
The Boss

Woody is the Grateful Companion Pet Care social butterfly. He loves everyone and is a true companion to animals and humans alike. He always makes sure guests feel at home and shares all his treats and toys with all new friends.

Margarita -In Memory-
The Boss Lady

Margarita is the ol' lady of Grateful Companion Pet Care. Like Woody, she loves to have guests around. She also loves treats and really likes to have her belly rubbed. That's how you steal her rubbing her belly. Even with three legs, she can run as fast as lightening. Margarita has a huge heart, and as a big sister she protects Woody and is not afraid to take the lead when we are strolling around DC.