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Our Adorable Clients  (81 photos)
Here are a few pictures of our dog walks, pet sitting and pet boarding adventures throughout Washington, DC. and Hollywood, FL Enjoy!

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Beautiful Talula
Chaney found a new toy.
Keeping an on the house, neighbor hood watch!
Roxy and Janie having a ball on our walk
Our beautiful Dia
Chaney, resting after our walk. Grate pose.
Little Kevin, getting bigger by the minute.
That adorable look ;-)
Dia resting on our midday walk
Mango came out to play
Charley loves his bed
Chaney calling out the troops!
Oliver eating snacks
Mango is full from breakfast :)
Talula having a good time on our walk
Chaney having fun at the beach!
waiting for some more food.
Moab, this is the perfect bed.
too cold out, woody didn't move
resting, we had a hard of of fun ;-)
I will get you one day!!!
Margarita playing ball.
training for my photo shoot.
I love my treat!
Mid-day walk with Nylah.
Ginger ready for her nap!!
Twiggy, looking beautiful as always!
Our adorable Twiggy.
Twiggy, relaxing!
Joan and Biscuit
I love summer time!!
The most comfortable place in the house is taken!!!
Charlie taking a nap after a long walk in the park.
Miss Pooh after a good walk  and a nice treat, its time to rest
Kaya is ready for her Mid-Day Walk
Say hello to Miss Pooh, our newest GCPC member.
Lady showing some love and care
A hot summer day
Now its a party
Joan getting some love from Elves
Sunny one newest member
Otis and Woody napping
Lady having a blast during our field trip to Kingman Park Island
Mac resting after our long walk

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